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Chapter 69

November 27, 20XX (Tuesday)

Zhao Manor

Yang had noticed how much Mei Li had been rubbing circles on her left forehead with her small hands . She was probably having a migraine seeing her squint her eyes to block most of the light from entering in her field of vision . It must be why the room was so dark when he had entered .

Seeing her like this, Yang's heart aches . He was one of the reason why she was so tired and stress . For the purpose of spending time with her, he had taken advantage of her talents causing her unnecessary headaches .

For a suitor, he felt as if he had failed already . They weren't on a relationship yet and he had already caused problems for her .

"Do you have a headache?" his question was so obvious just as his concern .

Mei Li stared at his handsome face before answering honestly, "Yeah, this has been persisting over two days now . "

"Did you drink medicine?" his concerned voice was like a lullaby to Mei Li's ears . it was deep and soft and had warmed her stomach better than a glass of hot milk .

She wasn't usually this accommodating to him but his concern made the wall of ice around her thaw, "I did but it'll come back again after a few hours . "

Although Mei Li had the most terrible headache, she still noticed Yang hesitating . His lips were marred with unspoken words she cannot yet read . For a dominant man like Zhao Yang, hesitation was a weakness they cannot afford to have . To let her see this weak side of him, Mei Li felt a little bit special .

She waited for his words, whatever it was, she was sure to be surprised .

" . . . Do you want a massage?" Yang asked almost timidly . 'Almost' because he looked confident but his voice had shaken .

Mei Li was already expecting herself to be surprised and his words did not disappoint; of all the things he could have said, she had not expected him to offer his hands of help, "Is that an honest offer?"

Yang's eye flashed with hope in which Mei Li failed to see because she had squinted her eyes due to the pain, "Of course, as long as you pay me back the same way when I get one too . "

" . . . Alright . " She was hesitant to let him touch the skin of her forehead or the scalp that have her hair . Did she trust him enough to give him total control over her head? But that hopeful look he had given her while glancing on her way like a schoolboy behaving in front of his first crush, had weakened pain doubts so she agreed .

Mei Li saw Yang rolling his sleeve upwards to his elbows then he got up on his seat and strode over the back of her seat . She could not see him but his presence was still felt .

When his gentle fingers started to spin circles on both side of her forehead then into the center, she sighed with unhidden pleasure . His warm hands had felt the greatest .

When he started to stroke her forehead from the center towards the sides with his thumb, Mei Li sighed again with content .

"Does it feel good?"

Mei Li hummed a soft 'yeah . '

"My strokes aren't too hard on your forehead?"

Again, the painter hummed a soft 'yeah . '

"Are you falling asleep on me?"

Yang's voice had deepened and had become so gentle like a soft love song on the background; because of that, She had fallen asleep .

Her head lulled to the right as Yang used his body to stop her from falling to the ground when her body went limp . He took her from her seat, carrying her like a princess to her bed . He carefully placed her into the covers as if she was the most fragile thing in the world .

Suddenly, Yue peaked inside from the door and asked, "Is she asleep?"

"Were you listening in?" Yang's eyes narrowed with suspicion . Really! His sister had grown wild and uncontrollable!

Yue's large grin was all he needed to know that she had indeed been the eavesdropping unseen third wheel . She was not to blame, she wanted to defend herself from the stare of her dear brother . 'It was our mother that had commanded me to do something if you make a mess out from all of this . . . ' Yue's thoughts were full of aggrieved for herself .

Sometimes it was hard to be someone with the last name Zhao, especially when you have a strict older brother and an untameable mother .

She quickly diverted his attention to more pressing matters by saying, "The family is here . Grandma and Grandpa had just arrived with Uncle and Aunt . "

Hearing this news, Yang groan as if something had hurt him . 'I'm meeting Aunt Qinyang again?' his thoughts turned helpless at the most demanding and hardest woman to please .

Yang felt a headache coming .