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Chapter 74

November 28, 20XX (Wednesday)

Traditional Market Place & Random Drug Store

Rows and columns of different vendors selling fruits in the other section, vegetables in the next, and meat and other things the CEO's eyes can't see . The hallway was narrow causing him to bump with other people who did not even offer an apology . Although, it provided him with a better reason to stay much, much closer to Mei Li's side . In fact, Mei Li had clutched the fabric of his shirt on his left arm while dragging him to who knows where .

Yang was in disbelief that people were haggling for a discount when all the products are already cheaper than buying at the mall! It was weird how the smell of the products mingled with the smell of the crowd . He sometimes passes by someone who smelled awful making him breathe out of his nose . The hustle and bustle of the place reminded Yang of the action movie he had seen when he was young . So this was a traditional market!

Suddenly Yang was forced to stop when Mei Li did; she grinned at the person on the other side of the stand, "Uncle Sun! Do you have my order?"

Yang's eyes blink in amazement as this man named Uncle Sun smiled at Mei Li with his yellow crooked teeth and started to immediately demand, " 350 Yuan!"

"300 Yuan, " Yang's head turned to Mei Li . She was haggling when Yue had already given her money? She didn't need to do that! He had enough money in his pocket to buy all of this Uncle Sun's meat!

When Yang was going to say something, Mei Li poked at his side making him jump in surprise . He forgot that she knew this weakness of his . Mei Li then motioned him to zipper his mouth shut .

Helplessly, Yang stood beside her doing nothing but watch and sulk at the same time . Mei Li and this Uncle Sun had rounded up with prices until they settle for 335 Yuan .

Yang thought that she was done but when Mei Li clutched the same spot on his arm and continued to drag him after shoving a smelly plastic bag for his right hand to carry staining his light blue sweater with red blood .

Yang's nose scrunched in distaste .

Who would have thought that for the rest of the hour, he was indeed the person who carries Mei Li's things and nothing else more to be done; he had not even spoken one word out . She was indeed a hard master to please .

When the hour was over, they left the marketplace with Mei Li's hands free and vacant while Yang's was full of different colored plastic bags . Vegetables, Fruits, Beef, Pork, and Chicken Meat were carried by Yang's hands . If his employees could see him now, they would never be scared at him ever again!

The bodyguards hidden and discreetly blending in the crowd had chuckled amused, some had laughed out loud, some had even had their jaws dropping when they saw how ruffled their Boss was . His shirt was messy, his left arm was more crumpled because of Mei Li's constant hold, his hair was in disarray, and his face holds a horrified look as if he had seen hell .

When Yang reached to the parking lot, he was hesitant to put the things in his hands inside the car . Smelly meat inside a couple million dollar car is a bad example of a joke but here he was living this life because he had fallen for a person named Wu Mei Li .

As he closed the trunk with a sigh, he swore that he would win Mei Li's heart just so all his effort was worth it or else . . . Or else . . . Or else, he really did not know what he'll do when he wouldn't .

"Yang, can we stop by a drug store?" Mei Li asked him when he climbed into the driver's seat .

Yang sighed before he motioned that his lips were zippered like Mei Li had done before; it was a childish revenge but it was better than nothing!

Mei Li rolled her eyes and reached out to 'unzip' his mouth and then giggling like a fairy when he dramatically exhaled as if he had not been breathing . For added Drama, he clutched the fabric of his shirt near his heart .

"Finally, I can talk!" Yang dramatically cupping his face with both of his palms before starting the engine .

"You're so dramatic, " Mei Li's comment merely went into his left ear and out from his right .

Suddenly the song 'Can't help falling in love by Elvis Presley' blast into her ears echoing in the car like the way their first date had happened with Yang singing a few lines of the songs while glancing at Mei Li .

This made Mei Li blush red and quietly listened with a shy and fidgeting fingers .

Yang was inwardly grinning . He didn't care if he would be used as her driver, her assistant, or her slave . As long as he could spend time with her, it was a time worth spending even if he smelled like pork meat afterward .

Arriving at the drug store, Yang was surprised that Mei Li did not wait for him but bolted out of the car like a frightened cat . Why was she in a hurry? Is she in pain and needs medication?

His worry made him walk faster than Mei Li . He found her looking at sanitary pads . He froze comically as the realization had set . This was why Mei Li had been so moody in the past days . PMS, the bane of all men and the cause of why men usually slept in the couches .

Zhao Yang wanted to walk out quietly and not disturb Mei Li because he was afraid that she would blow up at him in her moodiness but notices a sample of the product dangling like a toy .

"What is this?" Yang curiously asked while playing with the string, making it look like it was a yo-yo .

Mei Li's horrified face made Yang's curiosity bigger . She shyly mumbled a soft and hesitant, "A tampon . . . "

What's a tampon? He had lived thirty-one years and he had never heard this word . Guessing from the materials, was it made as another form of a cotton bud? He looked at Mei Li when he asked, "Why does it have strings?"

Mei Li did not know how to explain it to him without being seen as vulgar . The fact that she was already embarrassed, made her brain short circuit, " . . . Because you insert it . "

"Insert where?" Yang was even more confused .

With a sigh, Mei Li motioned Yang to lean down and then she whispered in his ears as if the use of tampons were her best secret, "Girls insert them in their you-know-down-there to stop the bleeding . . . " Mei Li looked down at her 'you-know-down-there' place, making Yang do the same .

Suffice to say, Yang's past hard on had come back with a vengeance . His mind filled with thoughts of Mei Li putting something inside her .

He glared at the sample in his hands . If Mei Li did use these things, she better stop! He was supposed to be the only one worthy to be inside her!

"Do you use these things?" Yang's question surprised Mei Li .

"If I did, it's none of your concern!" Mei Li crossed her arms in front of her making Yang ogle at her breast again . It's been a while since he had stared at her doing this set of actions .

Yang will not give up . For his wondering mind's sake, he asked almost like a plea, "So do you?"

Her glare was cute as she answered, "No, it hurt when I tried so I didn't continue pushing it in . "

It was right to say that Yang's spirit had passed on as this sentence had made his mind unclear and muddled .

He was at home at the Zhao Manor when he realized the meaning of that sentence .

She would be tight, dammit!

He took his phone and went to the shower to do who knows what .