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Chapter 81

November 30, 20XX (Friday Night)

Zhao Manor

Xue Chang Min had led his grandparents into the banquet hall of the Zhao Family . He could see how excited his grandparents were to finally meet his little sister face to face . Although they must not tell her the truth yet, they were still excited to see her .

It pained Chang Min that his old grandparents can only act as if Mei Li was a stranger for her protection . She was in that crossfire between the Arcadia terrorist group and his father's agents; she was still a baby on his father's arm when their mother, close to dying, detonated a bomb hidden in her necklace to take with her the founding members of the terrorist group and not leave any trace of her and his big sister .

Sometimes, Chang Min blames his mother for choosing that day to come to visit his father . Sometimes, he blames his father for everything . Sometimes, he blames both of them for having children amidst their resolve problems . Sometimes, he blames it on the government . Most of the time, his hatred towards the terrorist group grew no bounds .

He had already made weapons, gadgets, gears, and anything that could help eradicate terrorist like Arcadia and he made sure that he knew where the weapons he had sold were going . He made sure it was on the right hands . What does money do when he could potentially endanger his loved ones with a careless decision?

When Mei Li and Yang arrives, Chang Min noticed how his grandparents where taking subtle pictures using the brooches on their dress . He had never thought that his spy cameras would be used in this way but he let it go seeing as how proud they were of Mei Li .

"She looks so much like Mu Lan," his grandma whispered to his grandfather .

"Look at her earrings . Aren't those the diamond set we gave Mu Lan in her 18th birthday?" his grandfather asked subtly making sure nobody in the vicinity heard . Chang Min immediately thought that Aunt Qinyang must have given it to her .

Chang Min left his grandparents to join his friends as his seat was with them . His grandparents waved his off with a gentle smile . Chang Min listened to Yang as he talked to the crowd using the microphone but his eyes never left his little sister .

She was older now, not that baby he was carrying on his baby pictures . She did not look the same as their mother . First, she was more petite than his mother . Second, her hair and eye color were drastically different . Third, her face was more foreign and her nose more pronounced . Fourth, her body frame was weak and nonlethal in contrast to their mother . Lastly, her attitude was too different . His mother, according to stories, was like fire while Mei Li was like water . Both equally powerful and destructive in their own right .

When Yang had lead Mei Li to their table, Chang Min was happy when his friend had maneuvered Mei Li into Chang Min's direction rather than Hao Chen's .

He listened as the rest of his friends said or do their greetings to Yang . Li Ru Shi had even started a conversation with Mei Li that had caused the painter to start laughing thereby easing her nerves .

Chang Min beamed at Mei Li when he had a chance while saying, "I heard you organize this event . Good job! The decorations looked very pleasing . "

"Thank you," Mei Li replied to him while her hands tried to be subtle in inching towards Yang's clothes "I had help . "

Chang Min watched helplessly as his little sister demanded Yang's arm causing everyone in the banquet hall that was observing them be surprised especially when Yang just laughed at her and complied .

No one had ever dared to make demands with Yang . The last person that did was now exiled from Beijing and blacklisted in all the Zhao businesses .

Chang Min noticed how Mei Li had tried to be subtle about it but when you are the center of attention, everything little thing you do is always scrutinized .

Xue Chang Min wanted to wipe that happy grin off of Yang's face . He acknowledged how serious Yang was with his little sister and was grateful for protecting her too but she was his little sister, dammit! HIS precious little sister in the hands of his protective yet sadistic friend . Chang Min felt helpless once again .

If only he could proclaim to her who he really is . If she knew who he is in her life, he can have the proper reason to punch Yang in the gut . He cursed fate for making him have this life! He also needed to find a way to threaten Yang so he'd feel as if he was being a brother to Mei Li .

He glanced silently at his grandparents, curious at their reaction . What he found broke his heart again . His grandmother was looking down her lap with tears dripping down her face as his grandfather scrambled to calm her so other people would not notice .

Wu Mei Li is a Xue family daughter that can never be . Even if the Arcadia Terrorists be eliminated and they would restore her identity back, people would highly suspect the truth as it was believed that only Chang Min was alive or people would just suspect that she was an orphan girl that the Xue family was parading to be their daughter .

She was the leaving testament of how fates can mess somebody's life so much yet give her more after . The Zhao family had basically welcomed her with opened arms . Now, even Yang was vying for her undivided attention .

But it still saddens Chang Min that he might never be able to tell her the truth . After all, she is an heiress than can never be an heiress just as he is an elder brother that can only be a friend .

They were family that can only watch her from afar .

Oh, how he hated life right now!

Chang Min's heart grew blazing fire of vengeance .

If one Arcadia member planned on setting foot in China, he will be dead after he had gruesomely tortured him for a week and then he'll send the head and every part of his body to every country the Arcadia members had terrorized with news of it spreading far and wide so the remaining members will know that they will be next!

Xue Chang Min will have his vengeance!