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Chapter 84

December 1, 20XX (Saturday)

Beijing International Airport & Zhao Manor

The sky was blue and below were clouds floating carefree . A man sat on a business class window seat flight to Beijing with his chin resting on the palm of his left hand looking at the vast expanse of the sky .

Suddenly, there was a sound of knocking on the small window-like door . The man was surprised and snapped out of his stupor as his right-hand reaches out on the small KEL-TEC P3AT gun hidden beneath his left armpit .

Fierce brown eyes meet with dark eyes .

Brown eyes narrowed .

"We are now preparing to land . I came to remind you to please buckle your seatbelts, sir . " the owner of those dark eyes said in a dazed state . The flight attendant was surprised to notice how fierce his eyes had looked .

Fierce brown eyes belonging to this important man on a business class seat softened after a while and he said with a deep voice, "Sorry, you caught me by surprise . "

The flight attendant blushed as her eyes feasted at this brown-haired, brown-eyed, Greek God-like of a man . She had seen many foreigners as a flight attendant but this man was one of the handsome men if not the most handsome .

The man subtly loosened his hold on the gun and reached into his inner pocket . The flight attendant followed his movement with scrutinizing eyes, curious at what this man was going to do next .

Suddenly a card appeared in front of the flight attendant's face . The flight attendant stepped back in another round of surprise, making her heels sounded with a soft thud on the carpeted flooring .

"Here are my contact details," the flight attendant watched as he continued to flirt at her, "I recommend you email me because I can't use my cell phone in Beijing . . . If you're ever lonely and needed someone to be with for a night . I'm one mail away . "

The flight attendant, feeling special, started to act coy, "What made you think I'll take that card, Sir?"

"Because you look beautiful and I'm sure you'll look even better when I ask you for a date?" the skin around the man's brown eyes crinkled as he grinned at the red-faced attendant .

Snatching the card placed between his middle and pointer finger, the attendant walked out of the small one person room in a hurry .

The man, after a couple of times staring at the door, had finally relaxed his shoulders . He patted the place where his gun was and nodded to himself for reassurance .

Bending down to reach his long socks, the man picked the hidden pocket knife in his left feet with a smirk . His heart started beating erratically in his excitement . He would finally arrive in Beijing .

He could finally find the hidden family of that Bonaparte bastard .

He swore he would get vengeance for his father but first, he was going to eliminate all of the people that Bastard ever loved!

The thought of feeling a Bonaparte's blood dripping in his hands made the smirk on his face wider . As his thoughts grew with great cruelty, his grin-like smirk had looked eerily like that of the Cheshire Cat .

The plane landed at the right time as he had finally figured out a way on how to smuggle out the weapons that were on his carry-on . Wouldn't want to accidentally drop a bomb at an airport . . . Wait, maybe he should . Wouldn't that be more fun?

After disembarking, the man waited for the flight attendant to arrive, flirted his way into her heart, passed security with her help as they talked, and had taken a kiss together with a promise to see each other again .

'Today has been a good day,' the man thought . He can finally start his revenge on Bonaparte and then he found his first victim .

"Mister Fool, it's been a while . " A middle-aged Chinese man interrupted his thoughts, appearing out of nowhere . He would have been surprised if the middle-aged man had called out front the back but instead he was called in the front

"Please, Mister Chen, call me David Vaster . " the man said with his brown eyes sparkling with amusement and a smile that could not be trusted, "Wouldn't want anyone to hear that name . "

"Right!" Father Chen immediately straightened up with nervousness and guided the man inside his rented cat, "I've prepared the needed apartment for you to stay at, please follow me to the car . "

Father Chen dared not to get too close to one of the members of the terrorist group named Arcadia where he was forced to join into when he went to school in Europe and had mixed in with the wrong crowd . If Father Chen was to be asked what his biggest mistake was, it would be this .

Father Chen glanced up to the rearview mirror and was meet eye to eye with The Fool . Averting it immediately, he continued to drive in silence as the sound of someone from the back playing with a gun become constant .

Father Chen prayed that his family would be safe from all the trouble The Fool would surely make .

Meanwhile, unaware of the incoming chaotic storm, Mei Li was packing her things into boxes for her moving day tomorrow . She was seated on the cold tiled floor with Yang beside her .

She tried to put her blouses first and when she reached to put inside another one, Yang's hands had again sneaked into the box and took the blouses she had just palace out .

"Stop it, " Mei Li slapped Yang's hands . Mei Li's eye twitched in her annoyance, he had been taking out the stuff she put inside of the box . At this pace, she would never be able to fill one box ever and it was all because of him! It had been cute at first but now it's irritating .

"Aw!" Yang exaggeratedly yelped while childishly blowing on his right hand as if it was injured this successfully distracting Mei Li and then his left hand worked quickly to take out one blouse after another that Mei Li had put inside .


Before he was 'encouraged' out of the room by an angry Mei Li, his hands grabbed Mei Li's empty suitcase fully intending to never let her use it . The Painter had went back to packing her things into boxes and had not noticed that her large suitcase had been stolen .

Just because he couldn't keep her from moving back to her studio doesn't mean he was going to make her move easy .

He stared at her room's closed door .

He was already missing her and she hadn't even left, dammit!