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Chapter 86

December 2, 20XX (Sunday Afternoon)

On The Road

Mei Li watched as her things were loaded into two black autos with a solemn face . Today has finally come even with all the persistent pleading from the Zhao family, Mei Li has won her much needed time and space for herself .

Although her things consisted only of 4 medium sized box, her personal chest, a few paper bags, and the larger than life suitcase that she had to beg Yang to give back to her with puppy dog eyes and a pout that spoke bullied human, it still occupied two automobiles full .

Yue was clinging into her right hand as Mother Zhao was in her left tugging her for last minute hugs and kisses . The rest of the Zhao family had stayed inside, letting only Yang, Yue, and their mother to bid her a small and short goodbye which had was not short if she was technical .

"Let's go . " Yang pulled her right arm and gestured to his awaiting favorite Maybach car with a grin .

"What? Where?" Mei Li put on her oblivious face not expecting Yang to be the person to drive her to her studio .

Yang grin, relentless, "Don't you know that I'm your ride to your studio?"

"Can't one of your bodyguards do that?" the painter deadpanned with a little annoyance . He was starting to get on her nerves . Didn't she ask for time?

"Nope . It's either I will drive or you stay here in the manor . " To add a more dramatic effect, Yang added at the last minute, "Forever . "

Mei Li's eyes were twitching as she sat at the passenger's seat, irritated with mixed emotions . She had really thought that Yang would give her time to think everything through and clarify what she was truly feeling . She was pissed at him a little . She tried slamming the car door but ended up with regret as it shut slowly as it was programmed to do . Stupid cars that can't even be slammed! Stupid owner too .

Yang drove helplessly glancing at her silent and brooding demeanor; he didn't know what he did that pissed her off . Isn't taking care of her even outside the manor showed how much he cares?

He sighed and thought to himself, 'Women . . . I really can't understand them . '

Yang would have driven quietly if it was a normal day but he had many things to tell her and to explain to her to avoid her misunderstanding his actions .

"I need to talk to you about your protection . The guards that will be with you are-" "What? No, no, no, no . No!" Mei Li interrupted him with a glare; her previous irritation becoming full-blown anger . She was about to start rambling when her eyes stared at Yang's sad and helpless look .

Yang was driving and had his eyes on the road but his side profile clearly tells Mei Li how sad he was feeling as his normal smirk was not anywhere to find not his serious face . He had a large frown on his lips and eyes glazed with helplessness .

"Can I finish now? Can I start explaining now?" Yang said with sarcasm dripping in his words . Mei Li was startled that Yang had spoken to her that way . He had always been so careful and cheerful with her . This is new .

Mei Li nodded; she shut her mouth knowing if she didn't, she'd be sprouting unneeded hurtful words from her impulsiveness caused by her anger as she usually does .

"There are many people that want to see our Zhao Family dead, some wants to kidnap or use us for our money . Anybody connected to us has to be careful especially you since you have been introduced as someone close to us at Yue's birthday party . "

Mei Li suddenly felt guilty for her anger . She had such a low reason to be angry at him . Honestly, it was unwarranted . Sometimes, she was too impulsive . She needed to work on that .

She nodded her head helplessly but Yang still continued with more words that put her in disbelief, "And you have to be extra careful not to go out alone . La, the guard you nicknamed, will be personally shadowing you with other guards I've assigned . "

Mei Li could not say anything but her thoughts brought back the previous mysteries that she had noticed but had not spoken out loud because of fear . Now that Yang was willing to talk to her about her protection, she steeled her spine to asked the questions that have been bothering her .

"I saw the papers with my information, I want to know why most of my information has been deleted . My birthday was blank, my date of arrival in the orphanage, and everything else except my name, possible age, gender and small records of achievements . It can't be because I'm an orphan right? Is this the reason why I'm being protected more?"

Yang almost let go of the steering wheel in surprise . He had not expected her to notice those discrepancies . Normally, orphans have estimation or guesses in their information but Mei Li's was almost blank . He wanted to tell her the truth but knew it wasn't his secret to reveal so he could only do the nearest best thing and that was to be honest with her, "Yes, that is also one of the reasons why . "

"Can you tell me?" Mei Li asked on the edge of her seat, excited and eager to know anything about her true family .

There was a tense silence before Yang replied cautiously, "I want to tell you but I can't . If I do, it'd be in a situation that would be like Yue in between us . Please don't make me choose . "

Mei Li's narrowed eyes startled him especially the words that flowed out of her mouth, " . . . Then, it must be one of your friends who is connected to me . "

The remaining of the ride was silent . When Yang parked his car, Mei Li had a short while to process the information that she had just heard and sometimes she wishes that she was just an ordinary orphan .

She was too out of it to realize that Yang had already taken advantage of her and had already intertwined their fingers as they went up to her floor .