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Chapter 87

December 2, 20XX (Sunday)

Studio Near East Park- Downtown

Everyone was busy helping the beauty from unpacking . Four guards together with Yang and Mei Li were already a right squeeze in her small studio condo unit . That was why the irritated Yang had commanded all his guards to stay outside and wait .

It had surprised Mei Li when Yang rolled his sleeves up and started to unpack the clothes from the brown cardboard boxes into her small drawer with a smaller hanger space .

Yang turned to her with a look that said 'Are you kidding me?' before his face scrunched in disappointment with his lips thinning in size . Mei Li heard Yang had clicked his tongue too .

She cursed him for being such a rich douche bag . Not all people can be as rich as he is! She rolled her eyes when he had mumbled to himself about this studio unit being the same size as Mother Zhao's closet .

Mei Li took another cardboard box, opened her hanger space, and started to work beside Yang, who was now trying to fit all of her folded clothes in one drawer . Clearly, the man was no help at all .

She shoved Yang into the two-seater dining table and commanded him like a dog, "Sit . "

With mischief flashing in his eyes, the CEO growled before barking and then he put Mei Li's left hand on his belly while saying, "I want belly rubs too . "

The painter blushed and slapped the place where her hand was, which was just above his belly button . She hid the surprise that came after what she had done . Mei Li realized how hard his stomach was . She couldn't help but think if he had a six-pack .

It would be totally unfair to the other men of the world if Yang did . Wasn't he already perfect and handsome and rich and understanding and caring and ama- Mei Li snapped herself out from her daydreaming . She ignored Yang and did all the unpacking herself while the CEO had watched her silently in the side .

Yang noticed how tired she looked . Her eyelids seemed to almost drop and cover her irises . She had yawned many times too . It was obvious she had stayed up late to pack and Yang hated the fact that she was probably going to stay up late tonight to unpack .

"Mei Li, why don't you sleep for tonight . You can unpack your things tomorrow . You look dead tired . " Yang suggested, breaking the silence that divided them .

" . . . But tomorrow I need to go back to your company to meet with Trisha . " Mei Li replied before yawning again for the nth time . She reminded herself to buy a coffeemaker .

"I'll reschedule it to the day after tomorrow, " Yang hurriedly dialed Trisha's number, praying that the interior designer would pick up . Since it was Sunday, the interior designer was not required to answer his business call .

"Hello, this is Trisha . How may I help you, CEO Zhao?"

Yang had almost cheered when she answered after the fourth ring, "Do you have plans with Mei Li tomorrow? Is it important? If it's possible can you please move her schedule with you on Tuesday?"

On the other side, Trisha had to reread the caller's ID three times to make sure the person calling her was indeed the sadistic CEO Zhao because she couldn't believe she heard him say please .

"Really, Yang? It's Sunday, let Trisha rest . " a soft voice was heard by Trisha, whom she instantly recognized .

Trisha realized why CEO Zhao was so polite to her, Mei Li was listening .

"Alright, CEO Zhao . I will move Mei Li and I's schedule this Tuesday . Send my regards to Miss Mei Li . " Trisha replied after the man had tapped his phone near the mic to put a thud on Trisha's ear .

"Thank you . I will . " Yang ended the call with a smile directed at Mei Li before he continued, "Go to sleep . Your things will wait for you to unpack them tomorrow . "

Mei Li nodded and laid down on the small bed just an arm away from the table he was sitting in . He watched her tucking herself in and marveled how much she had treated him as if he was air . On habit, he touched his nose helplessly .

"Close the door when you go out," Mei Li said ad her voice slowly starting to drift off into dreamland .

"I will be settling your guards into the surrounding studios since mother had bought it . " Yang carelessly throws this information her way .

Mei Li, who had already buried her head into the blanket, sat up abruptly with eyes wide like saucers . She could not believe that Mother Zhao could buy the studio condo near her so fast .

"They're staying beside my unit?" Mei Li tugged on the nearest thing belonging to Yang's, which was his right hand .

"Yes, they are your protection so they must surround yours . " Yang had answered to assuredly and so matter-of-fact that her complains had silent down into agreement .

Mei Li sighed and just threw caution into the air . She laid back down and just slept, not even caring if she was in pajamas or not . Without much effort, Mei Li fell asleep .

Yang went out after smoothing out her blanket to let her breathe more easily since she had covered her head with it . The CEO assigned which room was whose and let them settle in comfortably before they began to set cameras, microphones, infrared scanners, night vision hidden cameras, discreet metal detection on the door, and so much more devices sponsored by Xue Chang Min that can protect Wu Mei Li .

It was already night when the last needed camera was finished being set, Yang hated this moment that is coming . He quietly entered Mei Li's unit again and sat down on the bed just beside the sleeping beauty . He hated to be apart from her .

He stared shamelessly at her, memorizing how her hair had hallowed her head like an angel, how her closed eyes had those long eyelashes that bent up so naturally, how her lips were slightly opened, and how her cheeks were still so rosy .

Unable to contain himself anymore, he took Mei Li's right hand and kissed the back, then her palm, and then her wrist before he whispered a soft, "I'll wait for you . . . "

Bending down to sweep her hair on one side before kissing her forehead, "I'll do my best for you . . . "

He tucked wayward strands of little hairs into her ear before placing a kiss on the earlobe, "I'll do anything for you . . . "

Yang's face then hovered above her relaxed sleeping face to once again memorize every corner, every bend, every line, and everything in her face . His face lowered and then his lips meet her right cheek with a soft and gentle sound of a kiss .

He moved to the side and then place a kiss on the corner of her lips while saying, "I just pray that you won't break me too . . . "

Yang hesitated for a long while . Only the sound of the monologue clock was heard . His lips hovered merely centimeters away from Mei Li's . Crossing his fingers, he did something he hadn't done before .

He stole a kiss . Kisses, in fact .

His lips gently graze with her soft and strawberry smelling lips two times because one was not enough but three were too many for the heat in him to take . He dared not to prolong it nor did he dare to be any more aggressive .

The CEO left the room in a hurry as if he was being pursued by the devil, leaving behind the woman who had pretended to be asleep . Yang left the small condo unit, his status as a thief already embedded in the beauty's mind .

Mei Li's eyes opened when the door closed with the lock automatically in function . Suddenly, her face blushed tomato red . She had woken up a little when he sat beside her . Thinking it was just Yue climbing into the bed like always, the painter had paid it no mind and continued to sleep . . . but when her right hand was kissed in the palm, she had been completely awake a hundred percent fully charged .

She was supposed to think about her feelings but how was she even supposed to do that when every thought contained nothing but Yang and his imperfect perfection!

How unfair of him to do this to her!

She was livid with anger!

She swore she was never going to talk to him ever again!

But first, she had to make sure he would take care of those chapped lips of his . It was too rough . She thought of ways on how to put lip balm on a man who hated anything on his face so the next time he will kiss her it won't feel so coarse .

Mei Li was so busy thinking about fixing his chapped lips that she had not realized she was technically thinking of being kissed again .

Oh, Love has been the reason for many people's hurt but Love is also the best reason for many people to live .