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Chapter 90

December 4, 20XX (Tuesday)

Y Building, Beijing

Arriving at his company, Mei Li had resolved herself for her mission . Her mission is to make him use lip balm or gloss to keep Yang licking at his dry lips .

When Yang had sat in his desk on his chair, Mei Li was also seated on his left on her own chair similar to his . Mei Li kept glancing at him especially when he had licked his lips again for the nth time .

The painter sighed and patted his arm to gain his attention, "Yang, where did you put the lip balm we bought for you last time?"

The CEO stopped what he was doing and under the watchful eyes of Mei Li, could not do anything else but shift nervously in his chair while trying to scan papers so fast that it was impossible that he even read them .

Zhao Yang contemplated how to tell Mei Li that he had thrown it away even before he had used it . He was sure she'd be angry or at least pissed off . She was a miser and would hate him for wasting money .

Yang besides to just tell a lie, " . . . must be somewhere . I might have lost it . "

Mei Li's knowing eyes made the CEO realized that she might have an inclination as to the truth, "You're lips looked like it's chapped . Doesn't it hurt?"

Hearing her ask that question made Yang conscious of his habit and licked his lips again in nervousness .

Mei Li's horrified gasp was entertaining to his ears but he was too busy feeling her small hands on his chin . Her thumb was on the clef of his chin pulling the skin their downward so his lower lips would move to separate with his upper lips . She commanded with a cute glare, "Stop licking it! You'll make it dry faster!"

Yang wanted to touch his nose again, also a habit he had developed that was always done without conscious considerations .

"Here, put this on your lips . " Mei Li said while taking out the chapstick on her pocket and placing it on Yang's left palm forcefully snatching it from the pile of papers .

The CEO stared at the little thing in his hand . He looked at Mei Li pleading for leniency . She knew how she hated putting anything on his face, "But-"

"Just put it on . " She interrupted sternly .

"Okay, " Yang agreed after thinking of his strategy, "I'll put it on later" Later, he would just say that he had put it on his lips when he really didn't .

"Put it now, " Yang could not believe how insistent Mei Li was . Her next words were the most surprising he had heard this day, "I have to use that chapstick later . "

Yang looked at the little tube in his hands with a little hesitation now . Mei Li had said that she would use it later, does that mean this is what she uses? Is she still using it now? If he did use it, does that mean he'll be indirectly kissing her?

He reluctantly opened the little white cap on top and stared at the pinkish tube inside as if it was going to eat his whole being raw . His eyes drifted to Mei Li's hopeful wide light brown eyes and the wall of complaints inside him suddenly rumbled . Who cares about being a man when the woman you like look at you like that .

He swiped the pinkish tube into his lips hurriedly applying it to his upper then his lower lips . He closed the cap and gave the little thing to Mei Li while looking at his surroundings afraid that someone might have seen him .

He thought that would have been the last he will see that lipstick-lip balm thing but apparently not . He had been asked, more like demanded, to apply it multiple times of the day .

When he had drunk some water to refresh himself, Mei Li had given him the chapstick to use . He did after making sure they were the only ones in the room .

When Mei Li and Trisha had started their own meeting on the other building, Mei Li had given him the chapstick saying, "Apply another coat on your lips before I go . " Yang had shown how whipped he was by applying it without a second thought .

When they finished eating the western Lunch that Mei Li had prepared, Yang had to apply it again after Mei Li had applied it to herself and then passed the tube to him . He knew better than to question her so he did what she told him to do .

There were more times that Mei Li had asked him to apply the lip balm and he had actually started to like the strawberry scent on his lips since it reminded him of Mei Li's smell .

He wondered why she was doing this all of a sudden? Are his chapped lips really that bad looking that she had to intervene?

Although it was amazing how Mei Li had cared for his lips, it was sometimes annoying to always apply it, especially when he had papers on his hands . He needed to take care of himself more .

At least they've been sharing indirect kisses no matter how unsanitary it was . Hey, kisses can be unsanitary too . Might as well make sure her lips were prepared for his germs .