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Chapter 91

December 7, 20XX (Friday)

Y Building, Beijing

Zhao Yang listened as the two women conversed in the comfortable sofa that was located at the center which happened to be on the left side of his desk . He had been reading a project proposal when he heard Trisha and Mei Li came into his office without knocking . Mei Li had looked comfortable and took no notice of him but Trisha had nodded her head at him immediately .

Yang chuckled to himself when he realized that all his employees were still scared of him but not Mei Li . She waltzes in and out of his office anytime, sat on the chair he gave her which was always beside his, brew herself coffee or tea without asking for permission, and would command his secretaries Do, Re, Mi, and Fa like she was the CEO .

Mei Li's attitude had been a far cry from the first time she came here . She had followed after him like a puppy, asking for his permission with every possible movement, and depending on him for decisions that needed to be made .

Now, he was the one that's depending on her to make decisions . He smacked his lips with amusement as the lady he was courting had started to pick a color pallet that Trisha had gave her . He places the papers on his hands down as he smacks his lips again . It was not as smooth as Mei Li's but it had definitely improved .

His lips had been slowly undergoing a transformation under Mei Li's careful hands . He still could not believe how adamant the 26 years old woman was . The first day, on Tuesday, he had applied the lip balm, he had prayed that it would be the last .

When Wednesday came, Mei Li had brought with her various lip balms for him to personally use while making sure he had used it every possible moment . He remembered that his world of manliness had crumbled that day especially when she had looked at him like she was a puppy in an adoption center begging for love .

When Thursday came, Mei Li had been busy with the other building and had spent most of her time there so Yang had thought he was free from applying the strawberry flavored chapstick but Mei Li had video-called him only to watch him apply it on his lips and hanging up after .

Now that it is Friday, Yang had voluntarily applied the lip balm in front of her before she greeted him with a happy good morning . He did not wait for her instructions and just applied it on so no time was wasted . Because of his voluntary actions, Mei Li had smiled at him numerous times and had even patted his arm in approval .

He finally understood the meaning of relentless . She was stubborn and so fiery that he couldn't help but like her even more . A fire like her would attract a cold man like him .

Although he was very curious as to why she was so adamant on fixing his chapped lips . In fact, he had asked his mother if she had given Mei Li a task about it but his mother had denied and just told Yang that nobody would notice his lips were chapped if that person had not touched it .

Yang had frozen when he heard those words . He remembered the short kisses he had stolen from her last Sunday night; that was the only possible time that she had touched his lips . In Yue's birthday party's preparation, she had only touched his face . Was she awake when he had stolen kisses from her? Did she know about his actions? Wouldn't she be angry if she did? Why was there no reaction if she did?

Today, he will know her reason but he'll have to wait after Trisha goes . Yang returned to his work while he waited for the perfect time to ask . Hopefully, she wouldn't start lying .

"I'll give this files on Monday with the chosen colors and tiles," Hearing Mei Li say these words, Yang looked up towards them and saw Mei Li's right hand on the doorknob with Trisha already out of the office .

"You don't need to hurry it up . I can give you a week more . " Trisha said before receiving a heartfelt smile from Mei Li .

"I'll give it on Monday and if ever, I can't come, Yang would give it to you . "

Trisha glanced at the CEO and yelped when their eyes meet . The interior designer still could not believe the relationship between Wu Mei Li and Zhao Yang . The CEO nodded at her and Trisha immediately bid her goodbyes feeling as if she had third wheeled in the office far enough .

When the door closed and Mei Li had begun to seat on her chair beside him, Yang finally asked the question he had been dying to ask, "Mei Li, why are you so resolute with my chapped lips?"

The painter had not even fully made herself comfortable on her chair when she was taken by surprise and had flopped into the chair like a broken doll because her right feet had stumbled on her left .

Yang grinned at her reaction . His direct question had taken her off guard . That was the first time he had surprised her so obviously . She blinked fast and unsteady as she squeaked her answer, "I just noticed that it was chapped . "

Yang's eyes narrowed at the vague answer that had many possible connecting answers, "How did you notice that it was? Mom told me that nobody would have noticed just by sight alone . Mom had to feel my lips to obviously feel it . "

Mei Li had quiet down .

Yang had not left her an opening for other excuses to squeeze in . If this had been a business deal, Mei Li's company have been swallowed up by Yang's .

Seeing as she had no plans on answering him and telling the truth, he asked and made his move with a smirk, "So, were you awake when I took your hand into mine . "

Yang dragged Mei Li's chair by the armrest which made the painter yelp in surprise as Yang's face was a mere 2 inches away from hers . He grabs her left wrist with his right hand and raises it to his lips .

"Were you awake when I planted a kiss on the back of your hand?"

The CEO kissed the back of her hand while kissing the knuckles without pause . She had tried to pry her hand away from his grip but her strength was no match with his .

"Were you awake when I kiss this wrist then your warmer palm?"

Yang littered her hands with kisses as he trailed from the knuckles to her wrist then ending with a soft kiss on her palm .

Mei Li's face that was once blanched white in horror had turned pinkish red . She bit her lower lips in embarrassment . At least it was only the two of them in the room .

"Were you awake when I had swept you hair aside to kiss your small forehead without hindrance?"

Yang had hesitated for a little while but her dazed eyes and pinkish cheeks had encouraged him . Both his hands had pushed the little hairs that framed the sides of her face and he smacked his lips on the center just above the space between her eyebrows .

"Were you awake when I had tucked your hair on your ear and gently kissing this earlobe?"

Yang once again trailed his kisses from her forehead to her left earlobe before gently nibbling on her soft lobe .

Feeling his teeth, Mei Li sobered up and pushed him away from reach . She stood up and run towards the furthest wall . This man was more dangerous than a shark . At least a shark you'd know it can't be trusted but with Yang, he'd bite you when he already has your trust .

Mei Li shivered as she covered her left ears as if he had eaten it whole . At least the lips that had kissed her had smoothened a little . It was going to take a while still to be as smooth as hers .

Yang smirked while placing his chin on his right palm and mockingly asked as if he had read her mind, "Is my lips smoother than before?"

Mei Li's horrified face was golden, her shy and embarrassed face had made Zhao Yang hot but what made him hotter was how her eyes had not once looked into his eyes but had remained on his lips staring without pause .

By doing this, Yang couldn't help but think of eating Mei Li alive . Although he was already full from their lunch 2 hours ago, he always has room for desserts especially when the dessert was a beautiful woman dressed in the Gucci dress he had brought her in Paris and red bottom Louboutin shoes .

Pity, he could not kiss her lips fast enough .

Yang patted himself in congratulations; she had run away from his reach but she had not run away from his sight . That is another improvement in his books .

Yet her light brown eyes did not leave the sight of his lips . The lower part of his belly stirred; he really wants to devour her on his office desk . Should he take her in front or in the back?

When Mei Li bit her lips again while her eyes stayed on his lips did Yang immediately decided that if the painter will finally be willing, he'd take her in the front first . He needed to see her face before anything else .

He touched his lips before smacking it together teasingly as his heated eyes meet with Mei Li's . Her blush worsens at his shameless movements making her more seductive with the fluttering of her eyelashes like butterfly wings .

Dammit, when can he take her?!