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Chapter 92

December 8, 20XX (Saturday)

Beijing General Hospital & General Store & Beijing International Airport

Mother Chen watched as a nurse gave her son another round of anesthesia to drink . She was angered that her son had to have large amounts of medicine to stop the crippling pain in his broken leg . This would not have happened should that Wu Mei Li agreed to the marriage!

So what if her son cheated on her? It's not as if her son had beaten her black and blue! She was so ungrateful to them . She hadn't even said her thanks for all the things their family had done for her . If she had agreed to the marriage, her son would be her suffering and still be working at the international hotel owned by the Zhao's! And to think she had such connections yet hadn't made use of it!

"It's all that Wu Mei Li's fault!" She started to rumble again for the nth time this week . Mother Chen has been so blinded in her anger that she could not see past her bad attitude and realized how stupid her words had sounded .

"I'm going to sleep," Chen Zhong told while turning on his opposite side, already tired of listening to his mother's selfish complaints and accusations that have been repeated numerous times .

Mother Chen immediately tucked Chen Zhong and neatly pressed the sheets of his duvet before arranging the small utensils on the side table . She stayed quiet for a while as she let her son sleep but went out of the room with the bag straps slung over her shoulder .

Mother Chen then proceeded to ride a taxi and went to a local general store to buy Chen Zhong's daily necessities from her own pocket as she had sold most of her luxury bags and fashion goods to an authentic seller for a hefty amount . At least they won't have to worry about money for more than a year . Good enough to last until Chen Zhong's recovery .

Upon arriving at the store, Mother Chen took a basket and placed it into the pushcart . She bought some already packed food for herself and her husband . She took one large bucket of creamy off-white paint and three large paint thinner just in case . She was careful to device her edible food and the inedible things in the cart . She arranged the things neatly as she put a large bucket-like can of the paint thinner individually . The last can had been the hardest as it was out of reach on the top shelf . Even if she stood on her toes, it was of no use .

"Do you need help, ma'am?"

Mother Chen turned to her left and saw a handsome blonde haired man smiling gently at her . She nodded gently and with a soft yes, the man took the large can as if it weighed nothing . Mother Chen watched with amazement as the muscle underneath his white shirt had flexed with his movements .

"Thank you, kind gentleman . " Mother Chen said before taking the paint thinner can out of his hands and placing it into the basket .

"Please, just David will do . " David grinned causing Mother Chen to blush . This foreigner was incredibly good looking and kind .

"May I ask if you're painting a large cabinet?" the foreigner asked in perfect Mandarin, "That's an awful lot of paint thinner . "

Mother Chen looked worried but smiled nevertheless and explained about her plan to repaint her existing wardrobe . After a while of taking, the two had become friends . Mother Chen had even promised to introduce David to her son, Chen Zhong . David had even given her his contact number in case she needed something from him .

Mother Chen went home with heavy loads of things but a smile on her face; never had she felt so uplifted like she did now after her conversation with David . The man had a way of calming her down .

Mother Chen went up to the condo with the already cooked food and one can of paint and paint thinner, leaving behind two large cans of paint thinner in her car .

Meanwhile, in Beijing International Airport, a man intimately holding hands with a long black haired Chinese woman . The man looked like an older and matured looking Hao Chen with shorter hair and taller height . Although the woman looked gentle and kind, she clutched an expensive crocodile Hermes bag and wore Versace with high Prada heels .

The couple went out from the private plane while talking to each other as the attendants of the plane that was left behind began to gossip together, pissed at serving the couple that had just disembarked .

"So, who had the pleasure of serving them the food?" the head flight attendant for the Hao Family asked her two other female attendants .

"I did," the attendant to the right continued, "I hope, younger Heir Hao Chen would succeed the family business and not the elder Hao Ren . I hate having to serve Hao Ren's girlfriend . She's not even of noble blood nor is her family rich yet she acts like she owns the world . She had me change her meal three times before she was satisfied . Everything looked the same, I don't get why she told me to do so . She's so unreasonable . "

The attendant to the left agreed, "She had me clean the loo while she watches before she used it, even when I had told her that we have cleaned it before the flight . . . I remember the scandal she had caused which made the Zhao and Hao Family's relations tense and awkward . "

The attendant on the right, being newly hired, grew curious and asked, "What scandal?"

The head attendant sighed and quickly move to clean the private jet as she listened to the older attendant telling the newer attendant, "She was CEO Zhao's girlfriend back then but cheated on him with Hao Ren a few times . The Zhao Family had supported Hao Ren, a child of a mistress, to become the heir because he was friends with Zhao Yang before . Ye Lan is the reason why Hao Ren lost all of it and was briefly exiled abroad . Even when Hao Ren's mother had become the wife of the current CEO after the original wife had died, she could not overtake the power of the Zhao's . "

The newer attendant gasped with surprise . She had seen Zhao Yang in magazines, televisions, and newspapers, how can someone cheat with a boyfriend like him? He was the cream de la cream of the men in the country; the ultimate Bachelor . Having connections with him guaranteed you a safe and great life .

The older attendant lowered her head to whisper on the newer attendant's ears, " . . . and I heard that Hao Ren and Ye Lan came back here in Beijing without the permission of the Zhao's . We can expect more gossips from that couple . We might even be the ones to bring them back abroad . "

The head attendant, having been hired by the Hao Family for more than 30 years, sighed while agreeing with a nod to herself . The Hao Family would be facing hard times with Ye Lan added to their family especially when the current Hao Mistress was just as arrogant and conceited as Ye Lan .

Hopefully, the Zhao's would take pity on the Hao's .