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Chapter 97

December 22, 20XX (Saturday)

Millau, France & Beijing, China

Where the rivers Tarn and Dourbie of France meet at the foot of Gorges du Tarn, Causse du Larzac and Causse Noir, the commune named Millau exists . In this beautiful commune, which was best known for its sheepskin gloves, lives a famous old painter by the name of Giusseppe Alfonsi with a long beard just as white as the hair that grew on his head and light grey eyes that seemed to always be on dazed . Yet, the man that was on the chair of Mr . Giusseppe's chair had the same hair and the same beard but with different eye color . This old man was supposed to be already 76 years of age but the man's eyes appeared to be younger and less wizened .

The man in the chair turned to the man standing beside the door on his left and said, "I want to go to Beijing . "

"You need to wear your contacts, you dumb Bonaparte!" The man standing guard exclaimed before complaining, "We can't just go to Beijing without due process!"

"I don't care! I can't hide when my children are in danger, Elizar! " Giusseppe Alfonsi now called Bonaparte snarled as he glared at the man on his side .

"Use your head, Jerome Bonaparte! They'll be in more danger if you did!" The man named Elizar wanted to shout but refrained and just hissed his retort out . Elizar had been Jerome Bonaparte's witness protection main agent for almost 30 years now . He knew the Bonaparte more than he knows his family . When Jerome had heard of the fire that his daughter Mei Lin was victimized in, he had begged and continued to annoy Elizar every moment possible

Elizar rolled his eyes when the illegitimate Bonaparte sulked with his legs pulled up into his chest and his head buried on his knees like a crying child, " . . . I am the worst father in existence . . . . "

"I'll see what I can do and wear your damn contacts!" Elizar prayed that his nephew Elias Micheal was still connected to the French government since he had now been stationed somewhere in Italy to secretly guard Mei Lin when she comes to that country . Elizar needed some respite from this dramatic Bonaparte he was assigned to . If going to Beijing would be the answer, then Elizar will blackmail his nephew to the best of his abilities .

At the same time in Beijing, in Zhao Yang's Condominium, another Bonaparte was wrapped in Zhao Yang's warm embrace . Yang's eyes were wide awake waiting for the woman to wake up and when she began to stir and slowly her eyes opened as she yawned loudly, not noticing where she was laid down .

"Good Morning," Yang drawled out the word 'morning' which sounded more like a short tune .

Yang's voice caused his chest to vibrate causing Mei Li to be surprised and yelping with a loud, " . . . eek!"

Mei Li scrambled to get off of the man but his arms that were still circled on her person had tightened . Yang grinned when Mei Li's eyes looked up at him with her chin placed on his chest . He drawled out a teasing voice when he said to her, "Nope, you have to say good morning to me . It's the best payment for using my body as your bed . "

"Let go," Mei Li stuck her tongue out and wiggling herself, trying to get out .

"Where's my good morning?" Yang insisted while tightening his arms around her more .

Mei Li wince, a little uncomfortable now . The warmth of his body was too much as it had caused the reddening of her cheeks . Choosing to win other battles with him, she agreed and softly whispered, " . . . ning"

"What I can't hear you?"

" . . . Morning!" The pout on her lips was the last thing Yang saw as she scrambled towards the bathroom when he had let go .

Yang chuckled to himself and praying, "May we have more mornings like this . "

It had not taken them long to be ready to go to Zhao Manor . Although they had a slight delay when Mei Li had no clothes to wear but was easily fixed when Yang had given her a large shirt and the smallest shorts he could find . The CEO had blushed red when Mei Li asked for unused underwear too . He had been suffering a hard-on again when he went to the other bathroom to get ready .

The both of them had skipped breakfast, opting to eat at Zhao Manor . They hurried, knowing how worried the Zhao's probably is . Xue Chang Min had been calling Yang's cell phone for more than a hundred times now but Mother Zhao had surpassed the overprotectiveness of the elder brother with times two of his miscalls .

When his car arrived at the parking lot, Mother Zhao along with Father Zhao and Yue was already waiting for them while looking as if they hadn't slept at night . Mei Li got out of the car first and hugged Yang's mother . Mother Zhao reciprocated while asking "Mei Li! I heard about what happened!!! Are you alright? Are you hurt?"

"And you!" Mother Zhao pointed at the sheepish Yang, who had hastily parked his car and stood beside his father . The CEO knew this was going to happen . "Why didn't you call us immediately?!" Mother Zhao snarled at her son . She had been so worried that even sleeping could not be done .

"That's not important now, dear . " Father Zhao's eyes roomed at Mei Li's clothes with an eye cocking a questioning look at his son, "What's important is where did you two stay last night?"

Mother Zhao and Yue immediately notice whose clothes Mei Li was wearing . Yue let out a sexy whistle causing Mei Li to blush red while Yang grinned .

Mother Zhao snapped from her worries, turning it into anger . She snarled at Yang with a loud voice, "You! How dare you take advantage of her!"

While Father Zhao was calmer when he had asked Mei Li, "Did my son do anything I disapprove of?"

Mei Li had begun to adamantly deny anything and begun to retell her version of the events from the morning she wakes up before the fire until this morning . Yang noticed immediately that she hadn't told about where and how she slept on his arms and had opted to say on a bed in his condo without telling specifics .

The Zhao Couple sighed with relief and continued to lecture Yang about the joy of waiting after marriage, care of children, and all those embarrassing things that brought another round of redness to Mei Li's face .

Yang touched his nose on a habit as he felt helpless again . He murmured something that only Yue and Mei Li on his side had heard, " . . . if I did, we wouldn't be here . "

Yue was hugging Mei Li while snickering at her brother's distress as her mother and father continued to grill him with questions and demanded the most detailed answers .