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Chapter 98

December 23, 20XX (Sunday)

Zhao Manor, Beijing, China & Millau, France

On the next day, on Sunday morning, Mei Li had woke up early and was making pancakes for herself while humming a sad song when Yang had entered the kitchen with a soft, "Can you make me some too?"

Mei Li blinked innocently at his haggard face with messy hair and large eyeglasses . This was the first time she saw him with glasses on . His glasses were thick but it had not dampened his handsomeness at all .

Without words, Mei Li place one large plate of chocolate pancakes in front of him while she had drizzled an abnormal amount of honey after slicing strawberries to put on top of her small portion on pancakes . She sat beside him as close as possible without touching him .

Mid-bite, Mei Li suddenly remembered something she wanted to ask, "Yang, what happened to my guards? I remember Dr . Zhang Li Xi telling me that they were the ones that rescued me . "

"They did . . . " Yang trailed as his hold on the fork tightens, "Why do you ask about those incompetent men? Your hair and neck got burnt . "

"If it weren't for them I'd be ash . These burns are small compared to dying . "

Yang stayed silent . She had a point but he still needed to punish them . He had given them a direct and strict order to be on their toes every second! What if it was the terrorist that had discovered Mei Li? It wouldn't be just a fire but a massacre!

"Yang, " Mei Li leaned on his right shoulder and wrapped her arms in his right arm, bringing it close to her thus making Yang feel the softness of her bosom .

"hum?" He raised his eyebrows but he did not look her way . He knew she was staring at him but if she stared back, he wasn't sure he could be as calm and composed . She was a very dangerous opponent, using her female assets to get what she wants from him .

"I still want them to be my guards, please? Be lenient with them? " Mei Li tugged on his arm hard, causing his right arm to be buried between two mountains . Maybe he should offer his face so it could be buried there instead of his arm .

Yang could not help himself and looked down to meet her waiting eyes, he groaned loudly when her watery eyes on the verge of crying . "Fine! They'll be back to guarding you after they are done examining the videos!"

Yang sighed as Mei Li cheered . He can't win and battles with her . He needed to get used to her tears, they are her most potent weapon against him .

On Sunday Afternoon, Yang received a call he had been waiting for hours ago . He answered after the third ring, "Speak!" He was in a foul mood as the men he had assigned had taken more than 24 hours of work just to analyze videos!

"CEO Zhao, we have analyzed the videos and we know who was behind the fire . We have talked with CEO Xue about this since you could not be reached yesterday night . " Li Zhihao reported immediately . Yang froze when Chang Min's name was heard . He was going to get an earful from his friend after this too . He had been ignoring him after he had stolen Chang Min's sister . Chang Min must be eager to kill him right now . He needed to let Chang Min release that anger with someone else rather than his person .

"We have the proof and the evidence gathered," The guard named Tai said

"We are currently following the culprit and we are ready to apprehend on your order, sir!" The guard he recognized as Gai silently whispered .

Yang took a minute to appreciate their fast and effective work . Maybe they weren't incompetent as he had previously thought and just careless but one must never be careless when it is Mei Li's life on the line!

Yang commanded after a moment of planning, "Take her to the warehouse and tell Chang Min about your discoveries . He will torture her for me without me asking . Once that's done, report immediately to Zhao Manor . You will be guarding Mei Li still . "

"Sir?" the four guards on the conference call had chorused in their confusion . Weren't they going to be punished? Demoted? and anything horrifying for letting their guards down thus endangering the woman they were supposed to be guarding using their own lives . They could not believe that they aren't punished .

"Have you four become deaf?"

The four guards answered immediately as if electrocuted by lightning, "No, Sir! We hear you loud and clear, Sir!"

"Good, " The CEO continued, "Be sure to thank Mei Li . She begged leniency for you . Honestly, guards who can't guard well should be demoted . If it wasn't for her, you four would have been the new cleaners in the chamber . "

The four men's faces had crunched up in disgust . The chamber was what they call the room where most unruly people were taken to be tortured or imprisoned . The grime that was left is never little and always nauseating . They reminded themselves in their heads to thank the painter with the grandest and most sincere bow of gratitude . They were willing to prostrate in front of her if she wants to see them make a fool of themselves .

Meanwhile, in Millau, France, Jerome Bonaparte was fully dressed on his disguise as Geusseppe Alfonsi . He was on his painting room with the view of the ocean on the window, mockingly sleeping on the small sofa below the said window . On the center of the room was a canvas was a painting of a woman with black hair, lean figure, and Chinese features .

Elizar opened the door with a slam and stumped towards the sulking Bonaparte, "Oi, wake up!"

Jerome slapped the hand that was trying to pry his blanket off, "What? You stupid man! Can't you let an old man sleep?"

"If you continue sleeping then I'll return this approval for your trip to Beijing as Geusseppe Alfonsi to the government-" Elizar was interrupted as Jerome snatched the paper on his hands while gleefully asking in disbelief, "They approved it? That was fast!"

"Elias worked hard to get it approved regardless of it being holidays . "

"Your nephew is the best!"Jerome showed him two thumbs up before reading the contents of the paper and then complaining once he read the date, "February?! That's too long!"

"February or None! You choose!" Elizar knew this was the only time they could be allowed to go to Beijing . Christmas was too busy and the new years means too many changes going to be done in the government so February was the earliest .

"Stupid man!" Jerome snarled at his agent's incompetence . He wanted to see his children, dammit!

"Asshole!" Elizar rolled his eyes . He was just doing his job, for heaven's sake!