“Honey, if Professor Lu is my father, then Dr. Lin Ya…” “Mhm, she’s your birth mother.” “My god, I’m going crazy here!” Huo Mian had never fangirled over idols or movie stars, nor did she obsess over world leaders and political figures… When she was studying medicine, however, the one person that sh

Amidst applause, the curtain closed on the match. In the post-match press conference, Samsara continued to display the attitude they’d had when exchanging greetings with Happy right after the match. They had lost, but they were calm. They didn’t lose control of themselves, and demonstrated the appro

The world was dark and chaotic. Two thousand years had passed since the emergence of the Abyss World. The quiet and dull abyss was now much more active. Among the space bubbles in the dark Abyss World, innumerable abyss demons moved from one to the other. Some were powerful enough to communicate the

“That’s it!” Lu Zhiyu said. “Does that Sumerian Kingdom have anything to do with it?” Kelly asked. “The Church of the True God? It’s interesting. It does not use even the slightest propaganda in order to seek attention. Instead, it hides in the depths.” Lu Zhiyu said and smiled. “Let them develop on

The longer Nian Junting listened to this aunty, the more annoyed he got. Were all housekeeping aunties as naggy as her? He liked her assumption that he was Luosang’s boyfriend though. “This has been a misunderstanding, I was just helping her fold her duvet,” he eventually said. Aunty Xie was taken a

Why would Ling Qi be there? Ling Tianya gaped at Zhang Ke, Zhang Ke shook her head. She didn’t know either. Ling Qi definitely was not a part of Ling Tianya’s plans, even though she knew that Li Chenfeng would not follow her to A City for no reason, and that someone definitely must have given him th

Hearing what Qian Yu said, Jian Wushuang’s expression turned solemn. “Never mind. It’s useless to talk about all these now. I will take you to the black tower. You will get it when you try it yourself over there.” Qian Yu looked at Jian Wushuang, “Just follow me.” Jian Wushuang followed Qian Yu towa

She raised her head and looked over. As expected, she soon saw the man walking towards her. His tall figure strode past the dim street lamp and stopped right before her. “What are you doing here? It’s cold outside. Get in!” Before she could say anything, his strict tone reached her. However, she cou

With Wang Qin’s abrupt shout, the noise in the office instantly halted and a stiff coldness appeared in the air. The mother and son stared at each other just like that. Wang Qin’s eyes were filled with anger and disappointment which she endured, yet Qi Lei just sneered. The light in his dark eyes wa

Shi Tianhao’s steps became extremely heavy. Every single additional step seemed to have become exceedingly difficult. As he progressed, the twelve giant figures above his head strode forward together with him, towards the direction of Xiling City. A massive halo started expanding in every single dir

Energy Shaping Ninth Realm warriors could create a clone that was almost as powerful as the real person. The technique that was used by three Energy Shaping Ninth Realm warriors could produce a tremendous pressure that could even squash a whole mountain. The snow beneath Ye Mo was melted by the heat

“Young man, how could I, Xiaoyao Langzi, continue to walk this land if I cannot kill you today?” Xiaoyao Langzi’s ugly face twisted. With his mind full of rage, he wanted nothing more than to smash Ye Mo into smithereens. Even if it meant risking being hurt by Bing Po Tian, he needed to kill Ye Mo t

An avalanche is the power of nature. It is the law below the skies and above earth. It can only be countered, but cannot be changed. Unless one’s strength has reached the level where one can break the rules of nature, the avalanche will not be able to be stopped. A warrior with this kind of strength

A moment before, the Valley thought that Ye Mo was turning himself in, but the next moment, it was revealed that the Lord who brought an army with him to attack the Ice Temple had been defeated. And all of this was because of Ye Mo. Without him, the Ice Temple would not have been able to annihilate

“…However I want?”Cale nodded his head at the GPS-like voice that had returned to its normal calmness.“Yes. I don't care whether you take it all or share it with others. Do whatever you want.”Mary looked back and forth between Cale and the tree trunks. The glutton was talking in Cale's mind as

Everyone’s eyes brightened when they heard the meeting was over. They politely said their goodbyes to Master Gu and each other, despite wanting to flee the room. Qin Zhi’ai, suffering with menstrual cramps, was wiped out by the long meeting. When Gu Yusheng finally ended it, she immediately closed h

Her heart seemed to have been gripped tightly by something forcefully rubbing and pinching it. The intense pain spread through her veins quickly and fiercely, reaching all parts of her body. She could not help but curl up into a ball and bury her face in the quilt. Her eyes filled with tears again.

“The show has yet to begin. When you wake up, I will let you know what real hell feels like. Let’s see if Tang Chen will still love you. Let’s see if you can still survive in the entertainment industry!” Lin Siqing laughed like a proud victor. She turned to Jiang Jiyue standing by her side and threw

Would something strange happen when the Sky Poison Pearl came into contact with the Evil Infant devilish energy?No one knew.Because of the existence of “Myriad Tribulations”, Xia Qingyue guessed that perhaps there would be some strange occurrences, but it was still just a guess. Even if there

The viewers from the live stream were completely astonished as they saw everything! “GG! What a show off, no?” “Since when did Vic’s driving skills improve so much? Did he hire a substitute?” “The substitute is pretty good! That Flying Dragon’s Faceplant was pretty amazing!” “That’s not the Flying D

“A Mind Heart, and an extremely strong Special Mind Heart at that!” Merlin was very excited. He finally let the Mind Power morph and condense into a Mind Heart. After condensing the Mind Heart, his Mind Power could be substantially accumulated, not like before when he was unable to store any even af

While Shen Xinglan was finding a way to deal with Xiao Mei, Ouyang Jin saw Chi Ling."Why are you so late?" Chi Ling shouted at Ouyang Jin with hatred, "Look at my face! It was all over! All over!"Ouyang Jin looked pale and the wound on his waist had been torn. Chi Ling didn't notice these abno

Only one person could survive!These words made Chi Ling see hope. Just before yelling that she wanted to live, she saw Ouyang Jin on one side was staring at her."Ouyang..." Chi Ling muttered. "You..."Ouyang Jin looked away and turned to stare at He Shishi below."Sorry." The vortex was swirling

“A fake?” Huo Yunshen asked. Xu Xiyan told Huo Yunshen everything that she’d planned to, since she had no reason to hide it anymore. She told him that she’d found out by accident that Huo Jingtang was trying to use Qin Kun to poison him for power over the company. He only realized how close he was t

“What?” Huo Yunshen asked, as he was curious from the beginning. “I love you,” Xu Xiyan said. “That’s what I wanted to tell you. I’ve loved you ever since we met. Only you.” “…” Huo Yunshen was stunned and did not know how to react. Did she just say she loves me? It was never a one-sided affection?

Qian Zhanxuan suddenly took a step forward. Then, he waved his hand, and powerful gravity landed from the sky and engulfed Fabreidis.Around Fabreidis, a big piece of circular land suddenly caved in."I, Fabreidis, is also a saint warrior!"Skyreed Sword suddenly roared and sword light shot out i

Qian Zhanxuan's eyes twitched a little. Out of Qian Jin's three warrior souls, one of them… looked like Fabreidis!That's right!That giant warrior soul looked at least 80 percent similar to Fabreidis. Burning fire energy dashed around this warrior soul, and he looked heroic and handsome. From t

After being diagnosed with leukemia, Li Xiao Lan abruptly resigned from her work. She was admitted to the ICU to receive the timely treatments arranged by the hospital. Chen Jin came to visit her at the hospital as well. He claimed to be a friend of the patient and learned about her situation from t

Right when the group wanted to leave this place, a strong aura suddenly appeared and moved towards them. This aura instantly caused them to fall to their knees. The young man was in an even worse condition as he instantly fell forward with blood dripping out from his mouth.They used all of the

Adversaries Tend to Meet in a Narrow Path 7th of the week!Do support us in Patreon if you are able to!“That being the case, we’ll need Elder Li to share his experience with us when we reach our destination.”Lan Xian spoke with a smile. As an outstanding genius of the Ethereal Immortal Cou

“Ha! What’s with that look?” He smirked. “Can’t you tell that I want to bed you tonight? It’s going to be boring if you continue to act all innocent! What do you want? Status? You’re after Mu Yazhe’s and Gu Xingze’s resources so you hook up with them. If you follow me, I’ll hook you up with a produc

Battling Li Wangye The chapter that I owed :)Do support us in Patreon if you are able to!By now, Li Wangye knew why Jiang Chen came to this domain. Jiang Chen wasn’t here for Xiao Wangqing, but for the celebration of Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign’s birthday. Also, the fact that Jiang Chen ha

The Death of Li Wangye 1st of the week!Do support us in Patreon if you are able to!“Since you are asking for death, I’m going to fulfil your wish.”Li Wangye sneered coldly, and then appeared opposite of Jiang Chen with a swoosh, his body full of killing intent, ten lines of Great Sovereign

This girl was a big eater and always complained that she was hungry before mealtimes. Mu Xiaoxiao thought that what he had said sounded logical. She stopped arguing with him and drank the milk. Yin Shaojie ate his breakfast. Suddenly, he said, “Didn’t we say that we were going camping previously? Ho

Luo Yingchi was both the Emperor’s personal guard and the commanding officer of the imperial guards.But when he faced Shen Sen, Luo Yingchi didn’t dare to act big. His voice carried great respect as he replied, “Replying to Elder Shen, it isn’t us whose deliberately causing trouble for Xi gong

“Don’t put on an act before me.” An icy-cold voice came from the depths of the stone chamber. In a place where the light could not shine stood a man whose whole body was wrapped in a black robe, and was shrouded in darkness all over. His body was hazy, like a malicious spirit from the underwor

Yun Bilu nodded. “Me too. I was furious, but looking at Su Lenghan’s situation now, he’s really pitiable. Pitiful people often have hateful sides as well. Anyway, nothing matters now that my elder sister is happy.” Remembering things from the past, Bai Yaoyao lamented, “That’s true. Meeting the righ

Kacha—- Kacha—- Kacha—-It was the sound of shoes crunching into the snow. Crisp, clean, and with a never-going-back decisiveness.All eyes were gathered on the hole in the stone chamber, waiting for the arrival of the evil dragon. His father and mother were behind the stone wall, thus he had no

“Pff——” “Pff——” “Pff——” Snowball’s performance was cute and eye-catching. Everyone expected it to look ugly because of its identity as the Heart of Weak Water——if it’s ugly then people may even more acknowledge it as the legendary Heart of Weak Water, but because it looked like this, many p

The chilling wind and murderous cries filled the air. When the thousands of elites of the Ghost dancer corps gripped the blade in their hands, urged their battle horse forward, pushed away the battle formation of the Wolf army, and the Princess of the Peacock Imperial Court Ying Qiandu persona