Whoosh! With a flow of light, they had dropped onto the island. Qin Wushuang stopped his body and stood steady to better observe his surrounding environment. He also heard that voice a moment ago. For this ninth island, there were many spiritual beasts at the Peak of the Common Mysterious Stage. The

“Miss Lu, with your Dantian sealed, if you are confident to survive on this island, I will not stop you, ha ha.” Qin Wushuang laughed and didn’t make another move. He lifted up his feet to walk away like a gentleman. Lu Qingchuan chattered her teeth in anger, “Qin Wushuang, you are despicable! You a

The focus point for the top three competitors was of course, a competition for the championship. Although the difference between the rewards of first and second place were slightly different, in fact, they were comparable. All would get one Supreme Dao Fruit and that was the most important reward. T

The struggle for top three was incredibly heart-wrenching. They all knew the final war at the tenth island would be intense and would declare the championship. As the transportation platform was activated, three figures shot onto the tenth island. During the transportation, there was yet again a cle

As Ling Tianzhi saw this advantage, he split with his combat blade from above the sky. “Jiang Kui, go onto the shore!” All of Jiang Kui’s routes were sealed. He shouted and screamed, “You have joined hands to take me out! You broke the rules, you’ve both broken the rules!” Ling Tianzhi roared in lau

Regardless how he looked, he did not display any hostility, so Qin Wushuang felt calm and collected. With confidence, he asked, “Senior Divine Beast, since that Senior Golden Cicada is the totem clan elite warrior, how could he be defeated in foreign lands?” The divine beast gave a long sigh. “There

The five totem elite warriors looked at each other and they all felt that this situation had seemed to surpass what they had predicted beforehand. The totem elite warrior of the Dark Mysterious Clan touched his nose and said to Snow Cicada Chief, “Snow Cicada Chief, this is the Karakorum Immortal Cl

Peng Xuanfei and Shen Xiang stood behind Peng Guquan, and Peng Guquan waited for the people inside to come out and squeezing strength, because in any case, he would bring Soul Defying Sacred Pearl back today.Before he contributed Soul Defying Sacred Pearl, but it caused greed, Peng Kunyao to k

“Ha ha, ha ha, I am free, I am free!” The divine beast was so delighted. Bursts of dark mist poured out from his antennas over his entire body. The divine beast watched this fog joyfully and thought fiercely, “Darn this seal, darn this curse, it has finally left my body! Ha ha, hooray to freedom!” A

Peng Xuanfei fell for a little half an hour, finally finally, the following is very dark, Shen Xiang took out a piece of luminous stone to illuminate.“Just in front!” Peng Xuanfei walked deep into the ground with Shen Xiang.After a long journey, Peng Xuanfei stood on the rock wall and looked a

Qin Shuang really found a nearby Teleportation Formation, and now it is more certain that the Sun Old Ancestor has been here.“Great… but now how do you know where the Teleportation Formation is?” Shen Xiang asked.“This formation plate can determine the direction!” Qin Shuang clenched the small

Comprehend Dao Creation Spell For Shen Xiang, it’s just killing time. His refining crystal emperor is already familiar with the light, and can be distracted to comprehend Dao Creation Spell without disturbing each other.Just to make Shen Xiang very depressed, he spent six or seventy-five years

Xin Tianchen held both fists inside his sleeve and squeezed his joints together until they cracked. His entire body could not refrain from trembling. A look of disbelief shot out from his eyes as if he wanted to kill Qin Wushuang with his glare. The two Supreme Dao elite warriors of the Heavenly Pun

Shen Xiang is now quietly entering the tree hole. He sees those people coming down from the tree hole, then walks up a staircase and enters the top of the tree.The big trees here are very far apart, but the top canopy is very large, so most of them are connected. The thick branches can link to

After the Teleportation Formation was opened, Shen Xiang and Qin Shuang immediately came to another Teleportation Formation, which is still in the Soul Demon Sacred Forest.“I haven’t walked out of Soul Demon Sacred Forest yet!” Shen Xiang saw all around still a lot of trees, but sighed.“I don’

The two brothers held each other’s palm, a charming air surrounded them. “Congratulations.” Shang Ye smiled. Su Mi also laughed. “Brother Wushuang, thank you. If you had not come out, that One Horned Mountain Dragon Clan would most likely have won. If that were the case, their cockiness would greatl

The city was built, and people and Soul Demon are getting more and more, and Shen Xiang feels it is time to go to the depths of Soul Demon Sacred Forest.“Xuanfei, are you sure you want to go with us?” Shen Xiang asked. “If you really go, you don’t know when you can come back.”“Well, I have alr

Vanessa softly stretched out. Already, the true origin of vampires could no longer be verified, but a majority currently believed it to be Dracula, who could be researched in history. It was to the extent that the Dracul, the direct descendants, were unquestionably the first house, granted that it

There were operator suits readily prepared in the changing room. Ling Lan’s group of six quickly changed into the operator suit that fit their body sizes. The operator suit had anti-pressure and anti-shock functions. This suit was required to be worn by all mecha operators who were about to board a

When Ling Lan was ejected into space, she saw many mechas fighting… there was also a huge flagship and two vanguard ships pursuing Feiyang. They were trying to stop it. Li Lanfeng was right. The intergalactic pirates came with a flagship and two vanguard ships. However, it would not be easy to stop

Ling Lan and her members’ impressive show of skill caused the passengers on the Feiyang Ship and the other mecha operators to feel motivated. Just as everyone thought that the battle was about to end, seven mechas which looked different from the Federation’s mecha flew out from the flagship. They se

Edited by REDLin Feng flew towards the palace. He could already see many people. Supreme God Xie and the others had been waiting for a long time.Lin Feng was grim. As expected, Supreme God Xie was there, so those people really were from the Ancient Demonic Clan.“Lin Feng, I didn’t think we’d m

When the golden-haired young man heard the warning, he was stunned. At the same time, two light beams were shot towards him from his back. The young man’s expression changed. He moved his fingers over the control panel and the mecha did a Light-and-Shadow Skim. One of the beams flew passed the mecha

Edited by RED“Remember, you have only three days!” stated the man icily, and he stopped looking at Lin Feng.Lin Feng was panicking. He left the room absent-minded. All the disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan looked at him mockingly, but he ignored them. He just walked away and sat down on a

Edited by RED“I don’t believe you,” said Jing Wu Hen, shaking his head instantly. Jing Tian Ao had abandoned Lin Feng once, so Jing Wu Hen didn’t believe his teacher and father would save him this time.Jing Tian Ao pulled a long face and shouted furiously, “Wu Hen, you care about a stranger mo

A question? This strange radio transceiver is a little interesting… Danitz cleared his throat. “You can ask, but I might not answer.” Hehe, you think I’m the kind of adventurer or archaeologist who ends up killing himself because of curiosity? Danitz thought with both caution and pride. It took a fe

“It seems that what you have known is far beyond my imagination, but I don’t think you are sensible. Even if you know about my identity, you should pretend that you don’t.” Heaven Dragon says, “The Dragon Court has a lot of enemies. Don’t you fear that we may directly kill you for that?”Gao Ge

tThe armored titan ran at full speed, a large number of members of Survey Corps chased in the rear, the clops were connected.Su Xiao stood on the armored titan’s shoulder, lifting the guns, adjusting the angle, breathing smoothly, and shooting.Boom.The bullets left the gun.Ding.The crisp sound